Sunday, June 26, 2011


I hate writing about myself .... lol

So why start a blog? I guess I'm jumping on a bandwagon. Although I'd appreciate not being referred to as a follower. That's just not me.

I'm obsessed with crafts, plain and simple. I'll try everything and anything once. So why not blog about it? Maybe you'll learn from my crafting mistakes, and in some way I might prevent your kitchen from being set on fire. Oh yes, this has happened to me ... on more than one occasion I must admit.

So I'd like to start off by sharing a VERY cool tutorial I found by a fellow blogger.

Brooke at All Things Thrifty has an excellent tutorial on making and painting with a stencil. I'm in serious talks with hubby right now because I'm DYING to try this! And the total cost? A whopping $16?!? You can't beat that!

Check it out at All Things Thrifty !!